Lay Pastors
Ministry, Inc.
Main U.S. Contact Information:
Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc.  (Marianne Weigman)
106 Tomahawk Trl., Lexington, NC 27295
Phone: 704,876.4988  email: (New address)

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LPM Theological Seminary in Kenya, Africa

​Principal: John Ogillah


Canada Main Contact Info:

Rev. David Clements



Website (East Africa)

Kenya Main Contact Info:

Pastor John Ogillah

LPM Kenya


South Korea Main Contact info

Rev. ByeongChea Seo (PhD)

National Director of LPM Korea

#1520-1, Secho-Ku, Seoul Korea

Tel. 82)2-6010-5459

Mo. 82)10-2872-5459


Daniel M. Kigula

National Director of

Lay Pastors Ministry, Uganda

LPM Theological Seminary is not only a school but most importantly it is a Mission Centre to do mission in different parts of east side of Africa and beyond. To extend the Ministry of our lord Jesus by preparing the students with System of LPM, also with the concept of PACE for effective ministry and effectual calling so as to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus to places unreached. This Seminary which prepares people for full time Christian ministry, also equips laypeople to reflect theologically while they remain in their professions and occupations.

We welcome you to learn more from the information provided and invite you to study with us so as to grow in ‘wisdom and stature’ (Luke 2: 52).
Summer 2017
Rev. Kwang Sung Jeon (Ph.D) Senior pastor of Haknesiah Church in New York, USA


Website (Nagaland India)

PACE International Seminary
House No. 16/B, Sangtamtila,

 Rangapahar Crossing,
Nagaland India.
Telephone 91-811-987-8999



Website (Ghana West Africa) 

Ghana Main Contact Info:

Rev. Daniel C Patrick

Director of Lay Pastors Ministry

P O Box CT4562 Cantonments,

Accra, Ghana

All international ministries are self-governed separate entities.  They are organized under the laws of their respective countries.  While we have no jurisdiction over these ministries and do not support them financially.  We share materials, encouragement and prayers..


Bahamas Main Contact Info:

Rev. Angela Palacious