Lay Pastors
Ministry, Inc.
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Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc.  (Marianne Weigman)
106 Tomahawk Trl., Lexington, NC 27295
Phone: 704,876.4988  email: (New address)

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What the Lay Pastors Ministry will do for You and Your Church

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  • Provide authentic and effective pastoral care for members of your church

  • Relieve pastors from the guilt of not being able to care for every member of the church
  • Enable laypeople to use their God-given gifts to be ""love with skin on" to other members of the congregation
  • Complete the task of evangelism
  • Fulfill our Biblical mandate "to shepherd the flock of God ...."
  • Will help your congregation form close relationships of Christian affections which will encourage and sustain them in their daily lives

We need your input. If you have Lay Ministry in your church, tell us about it  We want to know what you are doing and how your ministry is going.

We want to build a Network of churches where they can learn from each other, encourage one another and share equipping seminars and other events like Regional Conferences etc.

The Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc. is here to help.  We have resources available, and people who are competent, and willing to come to your church and lead equipping seminars. Just like all churches want to see their members loved and cared for so do we want to see all churches in our network know that we, The Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc,. is there for them.