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Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc.  (Marianne Weigman)
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The International Leadership Team and some of the Advisory Group Members

Dr. Melvin J. Steinbron, along with a dedicated group of Pastors and laypeople, designed the Lay Pastors Ministry.  They believed that laypeople could "tend the flock." 

In 1978, at College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, they began a six-month pilot program.  Five members began pastoring other laypeople and it worked!  Laypeople could provide authentic, Christian care and other laypeople would accept this care (pastoring).

In 1994 the Lay Pastoral Care Services, Inc.was reorganized.  The leaders elected a Board of Directors and we were registered as a non-profit organization.  1n 1996 the name was changed from Lay Pastoral Care Services, Inc. to Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc. 

History of The Lay Pastors Ministry

​​Pastor Tom Corbell has served as the President of Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc. for the last 14 years.  At the recent board Meeting on April 27, 2017, he resigned his position in order to spend more time with his children. 

The LPMI Board of Directors treated him to a farewell dinner and a Norwegian Ring Cake.  From the picture, you can see that he was totally amazed and thrilled with this awesome cake.

We shall truly miss Tom and his outstanding leadership throughout the years, and wish him much happiness in his retirement. 

Our Pin

The Lay Pastor's Pin is identical to our Logo without the Water. It is available in gold or silver and can be purchased from our online store.  This red, white and gold or silver pin is a great gift to Lay Pastors at time of commissioning.​​

​​Rev. Thomas W. Corbell 

LPMI has a new President​

 Rev. Dr. Neil C. Epler, Coordinating Pastor of Congregational Care,

Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church, Montgomery, Alabama 

The Lay Pastors Ministry was founded by Dr. Melvin J. Steinbron. It is based on his book, Can The Pastor Do It Alone?  The Ministry is a system of congregational care by lay people.  It is the way hundreds of Christian churches on four continents are fulfilling Christ's command to "take care of my sheep." John 21:16. Pastors alone cannot meet the needs of every member.

The Lay Pastors Ministry is sad to inform you that our beloved  ​Dr. Melvin J. Steinbron passed away Sunday morning, June 25, 2017.  

"Mel has touched all of our lives so much.  Many of us have known him for decades and will always be blessed by his memories.  his writing gifts, and his loving spirit in Christ Jesus.

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for your servant, Mel.  Thank you that you gave him a vision and a heart for the church and the laity.  Be with Helen and all who loved him so very much."

Rev. Thomas W. Corbell, Former LPMI President​​

Shepherd's Staff:    Pastoral Care  (Tend the flock ... I Peter 5:2)

Cross:   Faith in Jesus Christ   (Jesus is Lord ... Romans 10:9)

Flame:  The Holy Spirit  (Be filled with the Spirit ... Eph. 5:18)

Person:  The joyful Shepherd  (Serve the Lord with gladness ... P 100:2 )

Water:  (The Living Water ... John 4:10)

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