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Dr. Mel Steinbron's second book


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A - Be Available whenever, wherever possible

The FALL 2017 issue of Network News will be a Memorial to

Dr. Melvin J. Steinbron who passed away June 25, 2017

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.Are you interested in starting a Lay Pastors Ministry in your Church but not sure how to go about getting started? LPMI Consultants and Seminar Leaders are ready to help.

You may arrange for an Initial Training Seminar in your church or group of churches, or have one of our speakers come to your church for ongoing equipping, motivation and encouragement.

E - Be a Christian Example

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Equipping Laypeople

to give Pastoral Care

God has raised up Lay Pastors Ministry, Incorporated (LPMI) to empower lay people for caring ministry, and to support them in their ministry through partnership with the local church.

Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc. serves churches by partnering with them in mobilizing and equipping lay people to provide competent, consistent, and loving care for their members.

We achieve this vision by providing equipping resources and educational conferences focusing on congregational care by lay people.

                                   Revised April 24, 2015

C - Contact on a regular basis


Now an ebook

Used as text by hundreds of churches to start their Lay Pastors Ministry  Includes 12 units to equip lay people for ministry.  Here's what's new:  This book has now been converted to an e-book. As you can see, the picture on the cover has been restored to the original.  A link to the website where the book can be ordered is listed below.

What's New?

Vision/Mission Statement

P - Pray regularly for your people

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a Lay Pastor.